New Partnership 

Griffin Greatness

We are so excited to partner with Griffin Greatness! 

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ARF Store

Our first store!! Welcome to our store provided by Griffin Greatness. Shop our great ARF merchandise and check out the whole site. All purchases you make anywhere on the site directly support our mission for pets - FOR LIFE!  And don't forget to register as well. Here is the link:

About Griffin Greatness

Meet Griffin, a family dog that inspired everything in why we do what we do for pets, shelters and pet parents. Our mission is to save the 3 million pets put down each year due to ER vet cost affordability. Our three pillars: shop & support pets, emergency pet club, and shelter affiliates support each other to provide fun services to help support pets.

Griffin’s story of tragedy, hope and expensive vet costs from major surgery is a heartfelt story of a family sacrifice and kind people banding together to save him. Our founder’s dogs Griffin and Indy both required multiple ACL surgeries requiring vet bills almost nobody would ever pay. We did with the help of kind people and saved them both. Sadly both Griffin and Indy died later from cancer within weeks of each other. 

Griffin Greatness is born out of love. The hope is, no one has to go through what Griffin went through alone. If you work with animals, at a doctor office or humane society, or are just a pet parent looking to protect your loved one Griffin Greatness is here to help. Our resolve is stronger than ever in our mission for the pets to ensure they all have access to the medical care they need, food, homes, vaccinations and vet cost protection.


Learn more about their emergency pet program.

Get $3,000 in our emergency pet club

$3,000 emergency pet club fund for life threatening pet emergencies.
Licensed veterinarians available 24/7. Covers up to 6 pets per house. Pre-exisitng conditions no worry. Have a licensed vet at your fingertips for any question about your pets. Video, text or call a vet today access is UNLIMITED!