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Muncie ARF consistently works with members of the community to provide veterinary care, resources, and supplies to pet owners without access. The staff members work continuously to find new ways to provide spay & neuter services as well as routine vaccinations. Often those who seek to surrender an animal are doing so because of a lack of resources. We have found that when offered veterinary care or pet food at a reduced price, they often choose to keep the animal, keeping space open for cats or dogs in need of immediate shelter.

Number of adoptions


Dogs adopted: 251

Cats adopted: 333


Dogs adopted: 228

Cats adopted: 423


Dogs adopted: 208

Cats adopted: 482

Environmental Efforts

Members of the community are encouraged to come and recycle their aluminum waste (not just cans). Proceeds from recycling the aluminum go directly back into ARF's pet care expenses.

Muncie ARF has drastically reduced its waste output on numerous fronts. We are currently working to eliminate our use of plastic water bottles through the implementation of coolers.

Community Food Drive

Any extra food we receive goes either to other rescues or into our community food drive. Every Friday, low-income pet owners have the opportunity to come and buy cans and bags of food for a fraction of the original cost.


ARF's Thrift Store

The ARF Thrift Store carries everything from clothing to furniture. All profits from items sold go to supporting the animals in ARF’s care.

Muncie ARF often works with members of the community with various accessibility issues. We have ramps to all of our buildings for those with mobility issues. For those without technology or the internet, our staff have paper copies of forms and applications and are more than happy to make calls for those without phones. Our staff also assist with filling out documents for those with reading challenges.

Senior citizens 65 years and older are connected with senior cats and dogs over the age of 7.

Senior to Senior Adoption Program

ARF's 25th Birthday Celebration

This celebration of the founding of Muncie ARF brought the community together while raising donations.

Runway for Rescue

This program has been a wonderful fundraising opportunity to engage with the community while showing off our adoptable dogs!

2022 and 2023 Winner of Muncie's Quest for the Best – "Best Place to Volunteer" Award.

Social Media Presence
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Our Facebook page was created on August 28, 2009, and has since grown to an audience of 49,777 followers! Many of our staff contribute to our Facebook page when content arises.

We have just recently developed a YouTube presence and try to post regularly. We currently have 28 videos up and 88 subscribers! Our YouTube channel is managed by our business administrator, Debi.

Our Instagram was created in January of 2021 and currently has a following of 2,006 people! Our Instagram is managed by our staff member, Jenny.

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