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JEFF'S HOUSE- Adoption Center

Jeff’s House is the new adoption center. Our permanent residents have been moved to the newly renovated building at the front of the property. It had been our adoption center. It is now called Ollie's Bed and Biscuit. It was renovated with permanency in mind. Jeff's House will have adoption hours soon!

  • 18 kennels that will allow our dogs to have access to an outdoor dog run, so that they too can have the freedom to enjoy the weather or if they prefer they can stay inside all day!

  • The facility is equipped with a grooming area so that the dogs can always look and feel their best.

  • The facility also includes its own laundry room, which is a life saver as well!

  • Our favorite room is the new "snuggle room" where dogs can get one on one attention with staff and volunteers and meet potential adopters.

Arf Jeff's House.jpg
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