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Come see our cats!

Catty Shack Hours
Tues-Thursday 1-4
Saturday 12-3.

Some of our kitties


Here since April 2023

This adorable, talkative, sweet girl will melt your heart. Just visiting her will perk up your day. Scout is 9 years old and looking for her forever home. Come visit this doll baby at the Catty Shack!



Here since May 2023

Ladybug is a darling tabby and white sweet girl!  She loves people, cuddles, and visiting people in the catty shack.  Will you consider giving her a chance of a loving home?


Here since April 2023


Nova is my name.  Hanging out in my cat tree is my game.  I'd like to branch out and investigate but I am just so scared.  It's so weird being here.  I used to live with a bunch of my friends but my humans said there were way too many cats and that some of us had to find new homes so new people could take better care of us.  Sometimes I wish I could go back but everyone says that a new owner will love me one day and I'll have a wonderful life.  I hope that is true.  Everybody who does visit me tells me that I am so beautiful.  I have long white hair with just a small gray spot on my head.  My fur is so soft compared to a lot of my roommates.  Don't be worried about me seeming too shy.  I promise I will get used to things eventually.  I think I just need a little extra time to trust everything will be ok.  I hope you might give me a chance.



Here since Apr. 2023

Hi!! I am Butter. I came in with Turtle when my family could no longer care for me. I am a sweet orange tabby and white female cat.  At just a year and a half, I still have lots of play energy. I am hoping to find someone to spend many years to come. Apply at



Here since Mar. 2023



Here since Feb. 2023

Hi! I am Suzanna.  I was Mirie's friend and loved by my owner.  The last 6 months of our owner's life was spent in and out of the nursing home. The last 2 months she was unable to come home.  She asked a neighbor to watch out for us.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  I was able to sneak out of the house and find food and shelter around the area. Mirie suffered greatly but is doing better here at ARF.  I do love human attention but can be a little bossy around other cats.  Come visit us and see how adorable we are! Apply at

Hi! I am Kelly.  A kind person took me in after being possibly dumped. I am sweet but also so shy.  The kind person had a doggie that just made me nervous all the time.  She wanted me to have a happier home, so she contacted ARF. And here I am.  I want to have a nice home soooo much!! Could have be with you? Apply at


Here since Apr. 2023

This beautiful 3 1/2 year old cat will just melt your heart.  See is so sweet and kind. Joy was surrendered when her owner had to go to assisted living. She, Deano, Lucky, and Toby were so scared at first. They did not understand what was going on. But now they are coming out of their shells and are ready for new homes!  Apply at

Gabby Barrett

Here since Feb. 2023

Hi!! I am Gabby Barrett, part of the country music female stars litter. I started out here at ARF very scared and lived up on a high shelf in my room.  My sisters were showoffs and got lots of attention.  They all got new homes but I am still here.  Since they left, I decided I would try to be more outgoing.  I now love to hang out on the cat tree looking out the window at the birds and squirrels.  I especially love it when we can open the window.  I like to talk to human friends who come to visit me and now I really love to be snuggled and cuddled.  I am sweet, pretty, and ready for my forever home. I am spayed, microchipped, tested for FIV/FeLv, and up to date on vaccinations and flea prevention.  Come see us at the Catty Shack! Apply at



Here since Mar. 2022

Dear sweet Trace has had a very difficult life. He has taken it in stride though!! He had to have an eye removed as a young kitten, but that doesn't stop him from living his best life! He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines and flea treatment. Will you be the one to finally give him his happily ever after? Apply at


Here since May 2023

Tiktok has spoken. Having  orange (Ginger) tabby cats is a must!!  Meet Cheeto, a adorable new ginger tabby at ARF. Come visit this amazing boy. And yes, this was the best picture we could get. Most of his pics had closed eyes. He LOVES napping!!



Here since May 2020

Gizmo is a special girl who has a some special emotional needs.  She is 3 years old and has been here in the shelter since May of 2020.  She will only tolerate being touched when she invites it.  She will only be adopted to a very special home who is willing to understand how unique she is and is able to provide the ongoing care it will take for her to learn to trust humans and have a more normal cat life.  If you are interested in meeting her, please come visit us at the cattyshack.

And more can be seen at the Catty Shack!

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