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Come see our cats!

Catty Shack Hours
Tues-Thursday 1-4
Saturday 12-3.

Some of our kitties

Daryl Dixon

Introducing the fearless feline extraordinaire - Daryl Dixon (Dixon for short).  This ruggedly handsome tabby is a true survivor, just like his namesake from the Walking Dead series.  Discovered roaming the streets with injuries and illness, he was saved by a wonderful man who spent his own money to get him vet care.  Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, he didn't feel he could keep him.  His hope was for Dixon to have a better life in the future with a family wanting a true warrior and a strong survivor.  Adopt this wonderful creature and embark on an adventure with your very own Daryl Dixon!!!



Here since October 2023

Darling Hijo was abandoned in his apartment. The family moved out of state and left him and Lulubelle behind.  He came to ARF confused and scard.  But you need to come meet him now!! He is the most social boy- loves to greet people and get lovings. Apply for this sweet boy at


Here since Mar. 2024


Poor Bootsie is a senior cat who lived his whole life in the loving home of his owner who recently passed away.  You can imagine how difficult it is for him to understand what's happened and where he is now.  He is a very handsome gray and white boy and is still loving and talkative even though we know he is still terrified about these recent events.  Please consider giving him a home to spend the rest of his days.  

MUN-A-4432-0 (1).png

Surf and Turf

Here since Feb 2024

Surf and Turf are darling long haired sisters. They were surrendered by an overwhelmed owner. These two adorable cats are looking for their forever home. Apply today!



Here since Feb. 2024

Looks at this adorable fluffy boy!! Socks is one of our newest darlings at ARF. You have to meet him to appreciate how handsome he truly is.  Socks needs a lot of structured play.  He has a lot of energy.    Socks is about 10 months old and ready to find his forever home. He is neutered, microchipped, tested for FIV/FeLV and parasites, up to dates on vaccinations and flea prevention.  Apply at


Here since Jan. 2024


Meet Lillian who has quite the tale of survival.  She was originally with one family as a kitten.   After being rehomed along with two other feline companions, her journey took an unexpected turn as the new family she now trusted became a source of danger.  Faced with the threat of abandonment, she found herself here at ARF.  Even with all this, she is so trusting and loving.  She has persevered during the time she's been with us after having suffered a cat "depression" due to the stress of these upheavals.  Now, she just is looking for a haven where kindness will prevail and all the echoes of her turbulent history will fade way.  Can you give this precious angel what she truly deserves?  We hope so.

Lillian has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, screened for FIV/FELV, screened and treated if needed for parasites, and treated for the prevention of fleas, ticks, ear mites and heartworm.  


Here since November 2023

Dora was adopted from ARF as a kitten.  For reasons we don't really understand, she was returned to us a couple of months ago.  She came to us extremely angry and confused.  She has made great strides and is becoming friendly and welcoming with staff and visitors.  She hasn't quite made her way into a free roaming room as she still has a little too much anxiety with the other cats.  This poor girl has been in some tough situations through no fault of her own and needs a new owner with love, time and patience to give.  



Here since Feb. 2024

Sweet Manny is a handsome brown tabby with a heart as warm as his fur.  He was displaced after his owner lost their home but he seems to be taking his unfortunate situation in stride.  Manny remains remarkably friendly and affectionate, seeking a new place to call home where his charming personality can truly shine.



Here since Mar. 2022

Dear sweet Trace has had a very difficult life. He has taken it in stride though!! He had to have an eye removed as a young kitten, but that doesn't stop him from living his best life! He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines and flea treatment. Will you be the one to finally give him his happily ever after? Apply at


Here since Jan. 2024

Sweet Madelyn lost her human a few weeks ago and found herself on the streets looking for food.  A neighbor was trying to help but had dogs that would have hurt Madelyn.  The neighbor was worried that Madelyn was trying to get onto her property because she just wanted a home.  The neighbor feared for Madelyn and brought her to ARF.  We are grateful that this kind neighbor put Madelyn's needs and welfare first.  Madelyn is spayed, microchipped, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, and up to date on vaccinations. You can apply at


And more can be seen at the Catty Shack!

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