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Come see our cats!

Catty Shack Hours
Tues-Thursday 1-4
Saturday 12-3.

Some of our kitties

Baby Mango

Here since Nov. 2023

Hi!! I am Baby Mango.  A kind family found me and brought me to ARF. Their little girl named me. It is kinda cute, don't you think? I am a sweet white cat with orange tabby markings.  Come visit me at the Catty Shack. And apply to adopt at



Here since October 2023

Darling Hijo was abandoned in his apartment. The family moved out of state and left him and Lulubelle behind.  He came to ARF confused and scard.  But you need to come meet him now!! He is the most social boy- loves to greet people and get lovings. Apply for this sweet boy at


Here since April 2023


Nova is my name.  Hanging out in my cat tree is my game.  I'd like to branch out and investigate but I am just so scared.  It's so weird being here.  I used to live with a bunch of my friends but my humans said there were way too many cats and that some of us had to find new homes so new people could take better care of us.  Sometimes I wish I could go back but everyone says that a new owner will love me one day and I'll have a wonderful life.  I hope that is true.  Everybody who does visit me tells me that I am so beautiful.  I have long white hair with just a small gray spot on my head.  My fur is so soft compared to a lot of my roommates.  Don't be worried about me seeming too shy.  I promise I will get used to things eventually.  I think I just need a little extra time to trust everything will be ok.  I hope you might give me a chance.



Here since Feb 2023

Sweet Mirie was  with an owner who loved her dearly. The owner got sick and was in and out of a nursing home. The last trip to the nursing home was 2 months and the owner passed. She thought a neighbor was taking good care of Mirie and Suzanna. Unfortunatley, that was not the case. Suzanna snuck out of the home and found help elsewhere for the 2 months (she is here now too). Mirie suffered greatly. After the owner passed, the family found Mirie alone, emaciated, and sick in the home. She came to us hanging onto life at 4.7 lbs.  We can now say Mirie is doing so much better!! She has climbed to nearly 7 lbs. and has been showing great progress. Mirie is now living in a free roaming area of our admin building.  She is sweet but will probably always be a little bit sickly.  She never lets it get her down.  We encourage you to come and meet her!

IMG_5082 (1).jpg


Here since June 2023

Pampered darling, Nia, found herself at ARF when her owner passed away.  It breaks our hearts when the fur babies just don't understand.  We are hoping to find her another pampered lifestyle!! Will that be with you?  Apply at


Here since Apr. 2023


Sweet Boomer lost his owner and found himself at ARF. This sweet boy is ready for another wonderful home.  Would you be willing to open your heart and home to this darling 9 year old? Apply at


Here since October 2023

Sweet Lulubelle was abandoned in her apartment. The family moved out of state and left her and Hijo behind.  She came to ARF confused and scard.  But she is adjustng pretty wll here. She hopes to have her own home soon. Apply for this sweet girl at



Here since April 2023

Beautiful Bella is just gorgeous all around!! This girl came to us as a moma with newborns, took in another stray (Binky) and nursed him as well!!   What a momma's heart!   Now the kids are grown and Bella is ready for her first ever home!! Will that be with you? Apply at



Here since Mar. 2022

Dear sweet Trace has had a very difficult life. He has taken it in stride though!! He had to have an eye removed as a young kitten, but that doesn't stop him from living his best life! He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines and flea treatment. Will you be the one to finally give him his happily ever after? Apply at



Here since July 2023

In late July, it was near the end of the day at ARF, it had been a washout day with storms. A young lady came in distraught holding a crumpled up, soaking wet kitten. She had been driving in the storm and the kitten ran out in front of her car and she hit it. She rushed it to a local vet where they took x-rays and gave an antibiotic injection. This young lady wasn't prepared for the aftercare so she brought the kitten to ARF. We were out of space and knew that this little guy needed round-the-clock care. Jenny, who runs the Catty Shack loaded the kitten up and brought him home. She named him Herbert but soon would have the nickname of Little Biscuit. The first night was touch and go. The little kitten wouldn't open his eyes or move so Jenny gave fluids through the night and gently syringe-fed around his swollen face. After 24hrs, Herbert stood up on his own, crawled into Jenny's lap, and instantly started making biscuits. That moment we both knew everything would be ok. ❤️A week later, another kitten in need was brought to Jenny’s house after someone had found a little boy carrying it around a neighborhood in a bucket. Marvin was fighting for his life with a severe upper respiratory infection, and dehydration, and was covered in fleas. Jenny and Herbert took him under their wing, nursing him back to health. During their time of recovery, both Marvin and Herbert created such a special bond. They are best friends! These two are only a couple of weeks apart in age and are growing every day. We would love for them to get into a home before they turn into adults. Marvin and Herbert are great with dogs, children, and other cats. Please apply or stop in to see them!


Here since May 2020

Gizmo is a special girl who has a some special emotional needs.  She is 3 years old and has been here in the shelter since May of 2020.  She will only tolerate being touched when she invites it.  She will only be adopted to a very special home who is willing to understand how unique she is and is able to provide the ongoing care it will take for her to learn to trust humans and have a more normal cat life.  If you are interested in meeting her, please come visit us at the cattyshack.

And more can be seen at the Catty Shack!

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