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The adoption process

ARF requires potential adopters to fill out an adoption application.

  • We recommend prequalifying for adoption. You can put in a general application without a specific pet in mind. If you are approved, the application is good for one year. No need to fill out an application for each animal (unless requested). 

  • Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed. The adoption coordinator will respond to the email you list on the application of its status. If approved, you can communicate through that email ( about finding the right animal fit for you.  PLEASE NOTE: meeting dogs are by appointment only for approved applicants.

  • If approved, check on this site for adoptable animals or sometimes our Facebook page, Muncie ARF, posts adoptable animals. We are also on If you see one that might be a good fit, email petapps@munciearf,com of your interest. Make sure to mention you are already approved.  Please note, we receive numerous applications (and we are so grateful for that!). We need approved adopters to reach out to us about what animal you are interested in. 

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