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Donation Spotlight of the Month

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Anything kitten! We are getting hit hard with mommas and kittens. We greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you so much!!

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ARF is a non-profit 501c3 organization. We are 100% reliant on donations and grants.

ARF provides homeless animals the promise of a loving & full life by providing shelter, medical care, & love until their permanent "forever" homes are found. ARF receives no public funding. Everything we do for the animals is only possible because of your support via donations of supplies, funds, recycling aluminum cans, & volunteering. The ARF animals & staff are truly grateful for your support!

Monetary Donations

If you would like to make a monetary donation to ARF, you can donate online through PayPal, or drop off a check or cash at the ARF main campus during business hours Monday-Friday 10-4 or Saturday 12-3.


You may also mail a check to ARF, 1209 W. Riggin Rd., Muncie, IN 47303. If the donation in honor of, or memory of, a pet or individual, please include pertinent information (including who and where to send acknowledgements) in the note section of the online donation.

Monthly Recurring Donation

Text Mun to 89871. This will send a link to Shelterluv to finalize the donation. You can choose one time or recurring payments!

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Caring for the homeless animals at ARF requires

much money, time, and supplies.  We are always

in need of

  • dry and wet dog or cat food (no red dye: some brands we love are Purina One, Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, Iams, and Royal canin)

  • cat litter,

  • bleach (must say kills 99.9%)

  • trash bags,

  • hot dogs,

  • laundry detergent,

  • fabric softener sheets,

  • dog beds,

  • pet crates (for transportation),

  • blankets

  • towels




One of the greatest gifts anyone can give is the gift of time. Volunteers must be 18 years old.  Please visit our volunteer page on this site for more information. It is under the resources tab.

If you have a group wanting to volunteer, please email to schedule a day for you to come in and help!  For groups that are under 18 years of age, we would be more than happy to give a tour to young animal lovers and explain what we do at ARF! For groups, email

If you have any questions, please email or call us!

Sponsor an ARF Permanent Resident

If you love and care about animals, but are unable to adopt because of your housing or family situation, allergies, or any other reason, you can still help the ARF animals by sponsoring one of our permanent resident "Sanctuary babies."

Part of ARF's mission is to provide shelter, medical care, and love to animals who are "unwanted" or have been "abandoned." For a myriad of reasons, some of these animals are considered not suitable for adoption. To this end, we have many "permanent residents" at ARF. They are loved and cared for by ARF staff every day and are very happy with living out the rest of their lives at ARF.

The resources required to care for these animals are significant. Shelter, medical care, food, water, utilities, cleaning supplies, bedding, and staff to care for the animals are all costs incurred in caring for the animals. The only funding ARF receives is from donations and grants.  As a not-for-profit organization, all of the funding that we receive is used to care for the animals.

ARF Endowment Fund

By making a donation to the ARF Endowment Fund, you are making a long-term investment in saving homeless animals in our community.  The endowment fund is an investment fund established by the Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County.  For more information about the ARF Endowment, please click here.

Aluminum Cans

Save Aluminum Cans, Save Lives & the Environment! The drop-off location is in the front of our parking lot & open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Simply bring your cans in bags & toss them into our fenced collection area. It's that easy! Since this project began, ARF has been able to raise thousands of dollars & save countless animal lives. Thank you!

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