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Catty Shack.jpg

Just a few of our babies seen here, we have more to see on site!

We have lots of Kittens!

Kittens are $130 for one and discounted for the second.  They are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up to age appropriate vaccines and flea treatment. When you adopt a young kitten, you will need to follow up with your vet soon for any needed vaccines.  All adoptions of cats or kittens must go home in a pet carrier. 


Adorable Carrie and siblings will be ready soon. Put in your application right away at!




Did you say "right place - right time?" - well we sure did!  A caring person who happened to be at a dumpster heard crying and took the time to investigate and found a box of small kittens.  Then they cared enough to bring them to us so they could have a chance at life.  Amazingly enough, they were relatively healthy, although the little girl does have some injury to her back legs and it remains to be seen if she will regain normal use or not.  Regardless, she is a fighter and can move around just fine!  Meet Jellyroll, Bunnie and Nash.  They are all precious little souls ready to melt your heart.  Please apply at and be their safe haven for the rest of their lives.



Dinky is part of an adorable litter of kittens in foster. They will be ready soon. Apply now!



Could Haney get any cuter? No way! This adorable kitten will not last long. Apply to adopt today!

Mac and Cheese


You cannot help falling in love when you meet Mac and Cheese. These siblings are so incredilby sweet and playful! This brother sister duo will bring you so much joy.  The two start purring the moment they see you! Come see them soon.  Apply to adopt at



Mama Meow had an adorable litter of kittens. We just had to give them awesome names: Oink, Baa, Chirp, and Ribbet. Ribbet is the last to find a home. Come see him at the Catty Shack!!

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