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When an animal is surrendered to ARF:

  • The animal will be checked by a veterinarian, & any necessary medical treatments will be completed at ARF’s discretion.

  • ARF will evaluate the animal & attempt to find him/her a permanent, loving home.

  • ARF will only euthanize the animal if it is absolutely necessary, such as the animal is extremely aggressive, or suffering from illness, injury, or is in pain and cannot be healed.

  • By surrendering the animal, you agree to give up all future rights to the animal, including, but not limited to: visitation, reclaiming, & any other rights that you may have had as an owner of the animal.

  • ARF reserves the right to withhold any & all information pertaining to the animal from you & any person acting on your behalf.

Please be prepared to provide photos of the animal, veterinary records, & know that at the intake meeting, we will temperament test the animal to make sure that it is not aggressive toward humans and other animals.

Click below for surrender request

While ARF wishes that we could help every animal in need, there are times when we are unable to take a pet or a stray animal that you have found. 

 ARF will intake surrendered animals whenever we can if:

  • The animal is not aggressive toward other animals or people.

  • We have adequate space.

  • The animal is relatively healthy.

Furthermore, every situation with every animal is unique. If you need to surrender an animal, please call and be prepared with the following information:

  • Animal’s age and sex

  • If the animal has been fixed and is up-to-date on shots

  • Is the animal good around dogs, cats, and kids

  • Why are you needing to surrender the animal

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