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Thank you for your interest in an ARF animal! We feel strongly about matching the right pet to the right home, and ask that you please fill out this application and honestly. ARF staff members will review your application, call your vet and/or personal references, and will discuss your application with you. Please give us at least 3 days to process your application.

We consider each application carefully because we want this pet to remain with you for the rest of its life. With that in mind, please consider your future plans to make sure a pet fits into these plans. If you plan to move, start a family, travel, or make other major life changes, please make sure these changes include your pet.

Finally, please be aware that you will be required to sign an adoption contract before taking the pet home. If you are not willing to sign the agreement, you will not be allowed to adopt an ARF animal.


It will take at least 3-5 business days for ARF to review your application

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Puppies (10 months old and under) $250

Adults (11 months to 11 years) $200

Seniors (12 years old and older) $125

Kittens under 9 months old $100

10 months to 10 years old $60

Seniors age 10 years & older $50

Note: Certain animals may have higher adoption fees based on medical procedures or specialty breeds.

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Vaccines, booster vaccinations, rabies vaccine, intestinal parasite screening, treatment, flea treatment, spay or neuter surgery (required to adopt), microchip and registration, bordetella vaccination, heartworm test (dogs only), and feline leukemia, FIV test (cats only). 

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